September 20, 2020 Worship Service

September 20, 2020 Worship Service
Published by John Moelker on Sat, Sep 19, 2020 9:30 PM
Worship Service

Hello brothers & sisters,

We continue our series through the book of Genesis ("beginnings"), where many characters in the text are seeing the gospel up close and personal. 

 First, Joseph sees the gospel in his big brother, Judah.  Then, all the brothers see the gospel in Joseph.  

It's the gospel that stops a need for revenge dead in it's tracks, and transforms us into people who "seek reconciliation in all cases of offense."   Are we like that, or do we harbour bitterness and resentment?  We see the gospel clearly in Jesus Christ and the full revelation of scripture.  We have received an even greater deliverance than Joseph and his brothers, so we had better be people who are quick to forgive -- ministers of reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ.

In this service, we are blessed to have Melanie, Amber & Tiffany lead us in worship as well as Paige for the song of response.  Thanks to Jayne Klingenberg, our liturgy planner for this service.   We have a gifted group of liturgy planners including (Christine Renkema, Jayne Klingenberg, Kristina Broad, Debora Moelker, Marion Dieleman).