Published by Bernice Huinink-Buiter on Fri, Jun 5, 2020 12:00 AM
GLO - Global Local Outreach


 On Thursday afternoon, a number of Covenant Kids and their Moms,  carrying boxes of sidewalk chalk, met at the church  and set to work creating a 1000 step hopscotch course. For 3 hours we drew colourful squares and numbered them beginning with #1 at the north entrance of the church parking lot and travelling all the way around the perimeter of the front and back parking lots, ending with a creative finish line at the front south entrance to the church parking lot….at #1085!!   Along the way we wrote the words of JESUS LOVES ME.  At the church entrance doors, we created a colourful rainbow with sun and rain, and the words GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES!   Flowers and designs and words of hope beside the hopscotch course are designed to speak to all those who play. 

We invite Covenant Church families to bring your kids and hopscotch all the way!! One of the kids who tried it out after we were finished said it is VERY HARD!!! We also ask that you invite neighbourhood kids to come out and try it.  If there are other kids on the course, we ask that you follow the COVID-19 precautions- staying 2 metres apart from one another. We also ask that you respect the church property, not leaving any trash behind, etc. If possible take a video of your family playing and send it to bhuininkbuiter@gmail.com 


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