Covenant Church EASTER Worship Service 2020

Published by John Moelker on Sun, Apr 12, 2020 7:54 AM
Worship Service

A blessed Easter to my brothers & sisters in Christ.

I long to give you a firm hug as we celebrate the greatest event in human and redemptive history, but as Mary Magdalene  found out, now it not yet the time --- it is still dark.  But it is precisely in the darkness, that Easter must burst forth: and it does!  Easter Resurrection life bursts forth into all our pain and suffering, and yes, even death.  For Christ has been raised bodily from the dead.  He has His new, built-to-last, forever body --- a body fit for the New Creation!   For all those in Christ, we too will receive a new body, when Christ returns in all His Glory!  We will get to share in that glory as all creation "strains it's neck" wondering what these new resurrection bodies will be like (Romans 8).   We can't celebrate Easter physically together, but we will celebrate as we Worship our Savior and LORD together in Spirit and in Truth.    We hope and trust that you will be blessed by this Easter Service.

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