God At Work

Published by Bernice Huinink-Buiter on Mon, Mar 23, 2020 2:23 PM
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God at Work

Early on the first morning we walked out of the COTP gate into the road that led to the school, and joined the students as they walked to school. And it was this moment that affirmed our purpose for coming to Haiti.  The anxiety and questions we had about why God brought us to COTP were answered! 

?Evelyn ‘s heart melted “...I could not believe what I was seeing. So many children, and then I looked down the road and saw so many more on their way. Seeing those kids… I actually thought I was going to collapse.”   At recess she joined the kids on the playground. As she bent down to meet them at their own level,  she was enclosed inside a circle of little ones. “I truly felt I was in God’s presence. And this was where I needed to be for the week.”  

?Sue’s apprehensions were calmed when she walked through the gate beside students on their way to school, and her excitement blossomed as she interacted with the students. She had asked her friends to pray with her that God would soften her heart, to let her see the people as He does. She says, “God didn’t soften my heart. He melted it completely.” Her ability to speak French was such an encouragement for teachers and students alike- they were thrilled to be able to speak with her without needing a translator!  

?Andy’s purpose for coming to Haiti for a second time was clinched as he  worked with six Grade 6 boys in bringing the Blessing Bags and food hampers to the school. He had such a great time working alongside the 6 boys!! 

?My heart and passion are for the school and once again, I felt like I had come home as I walked into the school yard. The hugs and high fives, the excited greetings embraced me again and again. ‘Thanks to God…. gras à Bondye’... my heart is full!

 In Haiti, education is highly prioritized, and families will invest deeply into sending their children to school. I have heard stories of parents and grandparents choosing to go hungry rather than taking their children/grandchildren out of school. They see education as an important  way to build a strong future for their kids. The teachers at Lagossette Christian School understand the importance of providing a good solid education for their students and are hungry for Professional Development opportunities to teach them more about how to effectively teach kids. 

Pascal, the Family Strengthening Director at COTP works closely with the staff at LCS, implementing new practices that will strengthen the school’s performance. In August 2019, a team of three teachers joined the principal, Duchange, to form an administrative team. Each one of them has specific skills and assignments that have already been instrumental in moving the school forward. 

God allowed us to be a part of the lives of the 235 students and the 12 staff members at Lagossette Christian School for a week. What an incredible blessing that was that we are privileged to take with us into our lives back home (and we thought we were blessing them!?!?!)  


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