First Impressions

Published on Wed, Mar 18, 2020 9:44 PM
GLO - Global Local Outreach

March 18

First Impressions

Walking out of the airport at Cap Haitian into the warm Haitian sunshine, we are overwhelmingly welcomed by the Haitian people! As young men jostle one another vying  for the opportunity to carry our bags to the COTP truck, others push their bracelets and artwork in front of us, bargaining with us to buy their wares.  Finally we are boosted into the back of the big truck for our ride to Lagossette. Whew! What a relief!?!!?

It is very difficult to explain to friends and family initial impressions of life in Haiti. For two of our team members, Sue and Evelyn, this was their first trip to Haiti. I asked Sue to share her thoughts of her first hour in Haiti  as we drove to Children of the Promise:

I didn’t expect the rush hour timing of our arrival. Weaving in, out and around the three wheeled motorcycles with soft roofs, dirt bikes, motor bikes, old school busses, tap taps (brightly coloured, covered pickup trucks) were all carrying more than triple capacity of passengers! The exhaust fumes, the dust, the  bumper to bumper traffic overpowered all our senses.   Our very capable driver, Riekerns stayed more or less to the right side of the road but not always because there aren’t any painted lines on the road. Drivers basically just drive where they can, when they can! I was impressed with everyone’s ability to navigate so well and cause no accidents!
Once we were away from Cap and on the “country roads” I can’t even begin to explain how deep and numerous were the potholes! It had rained a lot and the holes were full of water. Riekerns sped up somewhat and it felt a lot like being on a bad carnival ride at the fair, that just wouldn’t end! But needless to say, soon enough it did end and we arrived at COTP. We were welcomed so warmly that the chaotic ride was quickly forgotten….. well….  for the time being. 
First prayer…. “God, what was I thinking when I told you I would go on a short term trip to Haiti?”


Bernice Huinink-Buiter

COTP Interim LCS Advisor


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