Things to do when 'stuck' at home.

Published on Wed, Mar 18, 2020 11:52 AM

Here is a list of activities you can do while at home with your families!

Illustrated Ministry is sending out FREE faith formation resources for all ages weekly.  Just click the link below and enter your email to get it mailed to you:

Do you know about RightNow Media?  It's considered to be like the Netflix for churches!  If you send a request for a login to: He will send you a link for access to FREE videos (for adults and kids) to many different studies and devotions.

Here's another great spot for resources when it comes to finding things to do with your kids to help deepen their faith:

Scholastic is offering FREE access to their Learn at home hub:

Check out churchjuice (part of for some more activities, articles and resources.  Scroll down to the family and children's ministry resources and find some info about talking to your kids about the coronavirus, or some worship ideas, or even ideas of what to do to pass the time!

Lent At-home Faith Formation Tip: As Holy Week nears, create a worship space—a table or corner of a room where you can be intentional about spending time with God this week. For now, decorate it with purple or black cloth, a cross, and other symbols. Then on Easter morning, decorate this space with flowers, butterflies, white and gold cloth, etc. Talk with kids about what these symbols mean. This space can continue as a worship area even after Easter is finished. (Tip from Faith Formation Ministries;

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