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Middle East Peace Resources

Middle East Peace Resources
Published by John Moelker on Mon, Nov 20, 2023 9:51 AM



How, in a world of such strife, are Christians to build peace? How should we think about war? And how do we talk to one another about these issues with open hearts in patience, love and humility?

On our denominational website, this link will give you resources on how we can become peacemakers



Middle East Peace:  This resource focuses in on Middle East peace and will give us a better understanding of the middle eastern context



Churches for Middle East Peace – This is a U.S. website and is geared to more to a U.S. Christian response to peace in the middle east, but I have found many valuable resources and have attended many webinars where people from different countries give their perspective on war and peace in their context. I have found these webinars more helpful than global news sources.



Lisa Loden: Messianic Jew Perspective – I have stumbled across videos and articles and prayers by Lisa Loden.  She is very wise and offers a very valuable perspective on the conflicts in the Middle East as she works for reconciliation.  Just search her name and you will find resources.



Calvin Seminary Hosted Speakers on “the struggle for Justice and Peace in Isreal-Palestine”


  • “The Struggle for Justice and Peace in Israel-Palestine,” Mark Braverman, October 31, 2023  Video
  • CTS Interview with Mark Braverman, October 31, 2023  Podcast | Full Video | Part 1 Video (Interview broken into bite size portions)


If you want an expert on the Theology of Land, Gary Burge (Calvin Seminary Professor) is your guy. 

I highly recommend his books:

Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians. Second Edition (Pilgrim Press/Paternoster, 2003, 2013)

Jesus and the Land (Baker Academic and SPCK, 2010)



Summary of Dispensational Theology – This theology is shared by many of our brothers & sisters in Christ that impacts their views on Israel and the Land.  In our reformed heritage, we do not believe this theology is accurate but we follow a Covenant Land Theology – Jesus fulfilled all promises of Old Covenants.   But, it’s good to understand the different perspectives of our brothers & sisters in Christ as we all wrestle with questions surrounding God’s promises and “Last Times” eschatology.



History of Israel-Palestine Conflict in Maps